Our logo, like those of many businesses, has had countless hours of time dedicated to it. Initially we were going to go with an ‘automotive precision’ theme like a micrometer or a precision fitting engine part. Automobiles are an amazing expression of engineering and their dependency on precision is paramount. Cheat just a little on the Integrity of this precision and the automobile is rendered useless.

As a company Integrity First Automotive is awed by the Integrity of a vehicle but its pursuit of Integrity is not limited to only automotive Integrity. The beauty of Integrity, the virtue (as the ancient Greeks liked to term it) of it, and its power can be applied to every aspect of life. We apply it to everything we do and believe it is a necessary component of our mission:

To help build a world where the synergistic potential in human relationships produces the fruits that individuals alone cannot.

Integrity isn’t easy to represent in a logo. We considered other animal symbols, particularly the dove and the eagle, but ultimately we chose the lion.

Throughout history the lion has frequently been used as a guardian symbol as well as the obvious symbol of strength. The lion symbol is usually a passive but intimidating reminder to respect it.

The lion is also a symbol of nobility and civilization, particularly as it has been used to represent Great Britain. British ideals of order and structure are famous (if not infamous) and also represent Integrity.

The graphic-artist that produced our logo offered these concepts as well as the one we chose: