Volkswagen Vehicle Service, Maintenance and Repairs offered by Integrity First Automotive

Independent European shop in Salt Lake City with Volkswagen factory diagnostic tools

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  • Factory-Level Diagnostics
  • Factory-Level repair manuals and parts catalogs for most models
  • Master technicians on staff with deep knowledge of modern VW vehicles all the way back to classic air-cooled cars
  • Transmission service / VW ATF – G 052 162 A2 fluid service
  • TDI services:  injection pump timing, timing belts, intake decoking, etc
  • VR6 timing chains, head gaskets, etc
  • Corrado enthusiasts
  • Cabrio and Cabriolet specialization
  • VW special engine coolant G11 & G12
  • Ignition services
  • Bosch CIS, CIS-E, CIS Lamda, Jetronic, K-Jetronic fuel system specialist
  • Solex Carburetors
  • Basic Engine Adjustments:  Valve Adjustments, Ignition Points, Air-Fuel Ratio, Timing, etc
  • VW Digifant and Digijet fuel system specialist
  • Syncro / 4Motion all-wheel-drive systems
  • 1.8T, 2.0T engine work, timing belts, etc
  • Overheating issues
  • Dual mass flywheel
  • Vanagon and Eurovan specialists
  • AIR-COOLED VWs warmly greeted and LOVED here

VW WEBLINKS: Official US Websites:  Volkswagen VW Vortex – the Volkswagen Enthusiast Website Greasecar – Vegetable Oil Conversions for Diesel vehicles VW Fixx – VW Enthusiast Website Synchronized! – Quantum Syncro Newsgroup The Samba – Aircooled VW Forums, etc

*VW and Volkswagen are registered trademarks of VW USA and VW Germany.  Integrity First Automotive is in no way affiliated with or authorized by VW / Audi.