Toyota 22RE Timing Chain

The 22RE is a legendary Toyota engine.  Used in many of Toyota’s smaller pickup trucks this engine has longevity to spare (what Toyota engine doesn’t?).

Despite its great reputation and low maintenance it isn’t perfect.  After years of service the timing chain will start to loosen and contact the chain’s cover.  Below are pictures from a 1993 Toyota pickup truck with over 230,000 miles on the clock.  As you can see by the dark oil deposits on the inside of the cover this engine worked hard for its living.  The track you can see on the inside lip of the cover is the machining of the cover by the loose timing chain.  If left too long this would have worn its way into the cooling jacket of the engine.  This would have caused the coolant and oil to mix and ultimately would have destroyed the engine.

When caught early enough a new timing chain kit will solve this problem and will give the engine countless more miles of service.

Toyota 22RE Timing Cover Damage


New Timing Gear Installed:

New Timing Chain Installed - Toyota 22RE