Your Integrity First Automotive service team.


Lincoln Carr received his Associates Degree in Automotive II from Universal Technical Institute in Arizona. He specializes in Nissan and Mitsubishi and is Nissan certified in engines, basic electrical, Nissan HVAC, drivetrains, manual transmissions, and general automotive HVAC (609 Certified). Lincoln has the patience of Gandhi and keeps a cool head even with the most frustrating and tricky of jobs. He brings a positive, can-do attitude to work with him and brightens his co-workers’ day. Lincoln is always the one you find proactively cleaning, organizing and generally lifting everyone’s workload. When not at work, Lincoln is still a car enthusiast and is involved in Automotive Rally Racing.

Lincoln’s Clifton Strength-Finder Strengths are: Adaptability, Competition, Deliberative, Harmony, and Maximizer






Jon Knudsen is a true Master and embodies our internal philosophy “Be an Authority not an Authority Figure”. He has held ASE Master Technician certification for over 25 years and has been ASE certified for 30. He also holds the Advanced Engine Performance Specialist certification and is certified to perform Safety and Emissions Inspections. Jon graduated from Cyprus High in Magna and completed technical training at Universal Technical Institute in 1988. He excels in electrical/electronics diagnostics, is a wizard with Mercedes and VW/Audi, along with being a Subaru guru. In his spare time, Jon is a stellar electronics hobbyist (his animated Halloween light display is frequently featured by local news outlets), loves camping at 10,000 feet in the High Uintas, and has even been a NASCAR race driver.

Jon’s Clifton Strength-Finder Strengths are:   Responsibility,  Deliberative,  Learner,  Input and Relator










Todd Hansen grew up in rural Utah the baby in a large family. His father, retired military and war-veteran, taught all of his children the value of hard work and doing things right. Todd knows nothing different. As a seasoned industry expert Todd has covered the spectrum from dealership experience at Hyundai and CarMax to rebuilding full size diesel engines for Freightliner. He is certified to perform Safety and Emission Inspections and holds multiple ASE certifications and can always be counted on to deliver excellent results – if your vehicle needs help you can’t get better help than Todd. Blue is one of Todd’s favorite colors, but Yellow is what reminds him of what is most important to him — family. When not at work, he is nearly always on a family adventure — from hunting and archery to family campouts and ATV rides. Of course nothing enhances an adventure like great food at family BBQ’s and Smoke-outs. Todd’s family T-Shirts say “I might be wrong, but I doubt it: I’m a Hansen”.

Todd’s strength-finder strengths are: RelaterResponsibilityFuturisticHarmony and Maximizer








JasonJason Manzullo is an Alta High graduate, holds a plethora of ASE certifications and is nearly Master certified. He is an excellent teacher and has the patience necessary to head our Apprentice Trainee program. Jason is great with VW/Audi and is our resident expert on American Muscle Cars. He is also a wizard with suspension system and thus is our go-to guy with Land Rover suspension system. Jason is a great diagnostician and really takes the time and care necessary to get his clients the right answers on even the trickiest issues. In his spare time, Jason enjoys vehicle restoration and loves being in the outdoors while camping, hiking, and 4-Wheeling. He and his wife Danni are currently expecting their first child!

Jason’s Clifton Strength-Finder Strengths are:   Achiever,  Deliberative,  Learner, Intellection and Strategic








Damian Shaw started wrenching in the early 90’s under one of Canada’s most respected European technicians who ‘moonlighted’ as a Physics professor.  That business had a real reputation for looking after its customers and was the inspiration for the name “Integrity First”. Also a software engineer, Damian holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science and Philosophy. He wrote the practice management system that runs every aspect of the shop. Afterhours Damian can be often found “enhancing” the shop’s software.  Damian loves everything with wheels especially Mercedes and BMWs; he learned to drive on an air-cooled VW Vanagon. Damian founded Integrity First in 2003 and holds ASE Master Technician certifications. Damian enjoys spending time with his family swimming, camping, and canoeing. His true passion is photography and almost all images used by IFA were taken by him. He has recently fallen down the rabbit hole of medium and large format film as well as large digital stitches.

Damian’s Clifton Strength-Finder Strengths are:  Analytical, Futuristic, Focus, Ideation and Responsibility