Another uniquely-ours is our service-process.  Which, in a nut-shell goes like this:

  • We start the process by documenting your needs/concerns and looking into them (EG:  “I need an oil change”, “I have a warning light on”)
  • We perform our unique Integrity Inspection
  • We email the Integrity Inspection to you in a .pdf file
  • Your service advocate reviews both what was found for your concerns and any concerns from the Integirty Inspection
  • We price and prioritize a game-plan for your vehicle
  • We call you and review things / together we decide on a plan
  • We perform the service and deliver the results

We like to use a medical analogy for this:  like a good Doctor, we can only provide a professional service if we take the time to both consider your vitals and your concerns.  If we arm you with as much information as we can FIRST, before you make investment decisions, we empower you with data so you can make the decisions that are right for you.  We will advise you, of course, but ultimately it is your car and your decision.  We call this being your ADVOCATE instead of a SALESPERSON.  Our clients love it.