Risky Business

Most everyone fell in love with some car in their youth that has retained a special place in their heart.  For me it was the Porsche 928.  A beautiful supercar that Porsche built in the late seventies; it was supposed to replace the famous 911 as their flagship product.  It received all kinds of awards from the automotive-who’s-who of the day leaving the engineers back in Germany feeling a sense of mission-accomplished.

The automotive buying public had different ideas and the brutish V8 from Zuffenhausen suffered in sales and had to eventually hand the company-image back to its older brother the 911.

The 928’s best hope was in the 1983 Hollywood smash:  Risky Business.  Where a young Tom Cruise and Rebecca DeMornay take ‘daddy’s’ 928 out and end up putting it in the lake.

For those of us that remember the movie here’s a fun treat for you:

The Porsche 928 From Risky Business.

It isn’t Marty McFly’s DeLorean but if you’re feeling inspired to dance in your living room without any pants we won’t blame you.