We believe strongly in the power of testimonials. In this information age the internet has proven to be a powerful tool for spreading the news (good and bad) about businesses.

Unfortunately testimonial or review websites vary in their policing of the data.  ‘Bad’ (incorrect) data polutes such sites and makes them less useful to those seeking real information.  The administrators of these sites have a difficult job – they need to alllow the pubilc to speak-up but preferably in a useful and truthful way.

We monitor our reputation on the internet and are very grateful for the time our clients put in to saying good things about us.  I think a lot of that positive energy comes from new clients who were grateful to the old clients that came before them and provided independent testimonials of our business.  Testimonials that made the new client comfortable.

There are four types of reviews or testimonials available on the internet:

1- Positive / from a real client:

These constitute the bulk (probably 30-40) of the reviews on the internet about us and we are very thankful for them.  We will work hard to continue to earn the trust, business, and praise of all our clients.

2 – Negative / from a real client:

Rarely – very rarely – we will find a review or testimonial that we don’t like.  If we can identify the author we will reach out to that person to try to fix the problem.  (This is our policy in ANY situation where someone is unhappy with us.)  I have only ever found two such reviews on the internet:  one I tried very hard to make happy but eventually agreed to disagree with the client / the other I cannot identify the author.  It does happen.  The best we can do (besides trying to make the client happy) is to learn from it.  We’ve paid the price – we might as well use it as a learning experience but it can take some “crow eating” (as an old boss of mine used to say).

3 – Negative / from a fake client:

I know of three of these – all of them are on Google Places and all appeared shortly after declining the services of internet marketing companies offering to help our internet ranking and reputation through the purchase of their products.  (I won’t name-names on which companies are likely responsible.)  All of the reviews follow the same formula:  they suggest the other reviews on Google were faked-up by us.  This is an interesting attack because they make no comment on our services or business practices.  My frustation is that Google won’t remove them even though they aren’t reviews of our business at all – mearly comments on our internet reputation.

3 – Positive / from a fake client:

I know of none of these for Integrity First Automotive.  I know enough about computers to know that Google is likely tracking enough data about a review posting to combat this kind of abuse from a business owner.  Google wants value in their search-engine results or Google’s usefulness and popularity would suffer.  So if Google can spot a fake I suspect Google will trash it.  If Google saw multiple fakes I suspect Google would punish the business by reducing its ranking or dropping it altogether from Google’s search results.

The challenge for a potential client is to get a full set of a business’ reviews to help with the purchasing decision.  Most consumers are savvy enough to weed out the anomolies and instead rely on an overview or trend.

To help with this we’ve added a new section to our site:

Consolidated Web-Reviews of Integrity First Automotive

We have taken the time to seek-out all of our internet reviews and have copied them here so that they can be in one place.  Also our clients can add a review for our business directly on our website.

Our pledge to you:  we will include ALL REAL reviews.  Including any bad ones. We just ask everyone to play fair.  Obviously personal attacks / profanity / etc will have to be edited or removed.  We have yet to see such things in our reviews but this is the internet – anything can happen.

For us this is an easy decision to make because we have a great internet reputation.  We’re not too proud to think we can’t learn from our mistakes – we have made some and, unfortunately, we’ll make more.  But we will work very hard to correct them.  We feel having this open-door policy will help combat fraud and will provide a better resource for those deciding if we’re the right company for them.

To our existing clients: If you love us – add a review to benefit others / if you don’t let us know and we’ll make you love us yet!

To our potential new clients: We will work very hard to leave you will as good or better feelings about our business than our good-clients have shared with you on our site.

We are sincerely grateful to all our clients that put their trust in us.  It is an honor.