Quitting Smoking?

Well it’s that time of year again:  New Year!  Time for a change – right?  Why do people resolve to quit smoking?  Presumably because they know it’s bad for their heath.  But if they know that why do they smoke at all?  I think, besides the chemical addiction, that a big part of it is they can’t really see the damage one cigarette at a time.  You don’t feel different after a cigarette.  You don’t noticed any decreased lung capacity or increase in lung cancer or anything like that…  Right?

Well, as your family mechanic, I reflected on last year and want to help you have a better year this year.  One thing I remember about last year is the number of engines, ruined engines, that came through the shop.  I think it was 6 total last year.  ALL of them were in cars that shouldn’t have needed an engine yet.  ALL of them were due to poor maintenance – oil changes or lack thereof.  Which got me thinking about smoking.  Here’s the parallel:

Ignoring your oil change interval and skipping or doing an oil change too late usually won’t affect your car in a noticable way at the time that you do it.  Like that one cigarette, you can’t see the damage.  BUT, just like that cigarette, it does cause damage and do it enough and the engine will be ruined.

To make things worse we had some customers that not only went WAY too long between oil changes but they also had their changes done at discount department stores.  No oil change for $15 includes good oil – none.  Modern engines need good oil – a lot of modern engines require a full synthetic oil.  Many others SHOULD require full synthetic.

Of the ruined engines we saw last year ALL of them could have lasted A LOT LONGER.

So this year, instead of harping at you about maintenance as we always do this time of year – instead let me simply harp at you about oil changes:  Do your changes on time, use good quality oil.  Check your oil level regularly.

Like smoking a cigarette, breaking these rules won’t feel like you caused any damage, but if you do it enough you will end up needing a new engine.

For a lot of cars the cost of a new engine outweighs the value of the vehicle.  So ruining your engine can effectively mean ruining your car.  It’s not worth it.

Oh – and – at Integrity First Automotive – we can create a custom oil change interval for your vehicle based on your vehicle type or your engine.  OR, better, we can create an oil change interval just for you.  Our computer system will keep track of it for you.

Happy New Year!