Porsche Track Day

Porsche Track Day Miller Motorsports


The IRPCA (Intermountain Region of the Porsche Club of America) held a track-weekend at the Larry H Miller Motorsports Park the weekend of Sept 25-27.  My father-in-law (Mike) and I had the pleasure of going as guests of Ed Mineau, an executive member of the club (and driver of a Black, K-Jetronic, 911 racer).  We cleaned up the engine bay of Mike’s 944 to take it along and show off the LS1 engine conversion.  We didn’t get much opportunity as everyone there was pretty focused on the main draw:  getting on the track!

Mike's LS1 converted 944

Earlier in the day another 944, a later model 944 Turbo, slid off the track.  We later saw the car and the damage:

944 Turbo broken ball joint

The driver said the car just suddenly broke a lower ball joint while he was braking and the wheel pushed back into the fender.  The car then just took him for a ride off the track.  Fortunately he got the car to stop fairly quickly and it stayed on its tires.

The lower ball joints are a known weak-point on the aluminum control arms that Porsche used on the later 944 and the 968.  Racer’s Edge have a good fix for this problem with their Geometry correcting A-arms (click here for more info).  Mike was relieved to know his 944 has this upgrade!

The whole day was Porsche-overload!  I don’t think I’ve ever seen that many Porsche’s in one place.  A Carerra GT even made a brief track-appearance.  The driver, probably more used to the rear-engine cars, spun it out on a corner and did a 360 or two right off the track!  That was all we saw of it.

There were plenty of other cars to see though:


Outside the Garages

The day ended with a Enduro race, and, to our surprize, the 944 with the broken ball joint was fixed and back on the track!

Enduro Green Flag

Pits and Porsches

Another treat, used to help the pace-car at the start of the Enduro, was a 917!

Porsche 917