Porsche Boxster S – Bad Engine Noises

Vehicle Details: 2005 Porsche Boxster S.  65,000 miles

Technician: Brad

Initial Condition:

  • Loud Engine Noise (sudden)
  • ALL Dash Warnings on
  • Towed in

Diagnostic Process:

Physically inspected engine – found broken-off water pump pulley:


Boxster broken water pump pulley

Upon closer inspection it was clear this was NOT the vehicle’s original pump but it WAS a Porsche-OEM replacement.

Brad, as a Gold-Meister Porsche tech with over 15 years experience had never seen this before.

Boxster water pump shaft sheered-off

Boxster water pump shaft sheered-off

The pump’s impeller was NOT ceased.  Pump had been seeping from the bearing (see yellowish material on pump).


Boxster new water pump installed

Boxster new water pump installed

This story ends well:  a new pump and belt and then a good road test demonstrated a successful repair.  No other cooling system or engine damage occurred.  This success was due to a diligent client that pulled over immediately and called in to the shop to arrange a tow-in.  AMAZING to see a problem like this but it goes to show anything can happen.