Integrity First Automotive is the perfect choice to service your Salt Lake area Lexus vehicles!

Transmission Problems?  We know all about transmission problems with the RX, IS and other lines.  We keep Toyota WS and TI-V transmission fluid on hand.
Hard starting / no start condition?  We have seen Direct Injection systems in Lexus’ engines cause this – we have a much cheaper solution than engine rebuilding or replacement.
Check engine light on?  We have the factory TIS diagnostic system along with other state-of-the-art engine diagnostic tools.
Electrical issue?  Our technicians are skilled at finding needle-in-the-haystack electrical problems.
Oxygen sensors?  Air-Fuel ratio sensors?   MAF sensors?  All services we provide for your Lexus.
Brakes, squeaks, clunks, and creaks:   You don’t need a new car you need our undercarriage, brake and suspension experts to find your Lexus’ annoying noises and restore it to Lexus luxury.
Overheating?  We will find the problem fast.  Toyota-Lexus engine antifreeze in stock!
Air conditioning?  We can service your Lexus’ air condition system even on the modern hybrid Lexus vehicles using the latest R1234yf air conditioning systems.
And, of course, basic Lexus / Toyota maintenance including 6000 mile services, service reminder reset service always including our exclusive Integrity Inspections!