How We Save You Money

It is common to wait until your vehicle needs repairs before shopping for an automotive service facility. This leads people to comparison shop using the wrong metric: price. This is a natural mistake – but how else do you differentiate amongst your options?

More often than not, a noticeably lower price quote given over the phone really represents desperation or corner cutting. The truth is, even with work as simple as fixing squeaky brakes, a shop cannot give you an accurate price on your vehicle’s needs until they’ve looked at your car.

Once your vehicle is in need of repairs, the opportunity for significant savings will usually be in higher-priced services. For example, if you have a leaking water pump your shop can save you money by (if appropriate) replacing the drive-belt now and taking advantage of significant labor savings since these tasks completely overlap. Sadly, if your shop has started its relationship with you based on price you will likely not even be given this opportunity and ultimately you will spend more on your vehicle.

The real opportunity to save money is to perform preventative maintenance before your vehicle needs repairs. Industry research proves this will save you $1,000 – $1,500 per year.

Many shops will offer you maintenance but few know what you need. At Integrity First Automotive we take the same approach your family doctor would by considering information from:

The Past: Your vehicle’s service history

The Present: Our Integrity Inspections, a no-charge vehicle-comprehensive inspection performed on your vehicle during its service visit

The Future: A custom-to-you maintenance schedule reflecting your driving style, Utah’s driving conditions, our shop’s experience with your type of vehicle, etc.

Our software, exclusively developed for us, integrates all of this information and is at our staff’s finger-tips as a ‘medical chart’ of your vehicle. It is an invaluable guide to help us make informed, professional decisions about your car.

Why is this important? Simple: your situation is unique.

Good judgment can prevail if the technician knows your vehicle well. For example: A blanket mileage service (’50,000 mile service’) should be modified to match the vehicle’s history otherwise it can include things not really due. (EG if the 50,000 mile service includes changing antifreeze this would be wasteful if the vehicle’s water pump was replaced recently since that service required replacement of the antifreeze – our software system would tell us this).