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For Utah’s favorite Fiat service.

Integrity First Automotive is the perfect choice to service your Salt Lake area Fiat vehicles!

FIAT MultiAir background:  don’t let just anyone work on this proprietary system from Fiat – Check Engine lights and other engine problems require knowledge of Fiat’s systems.  The MultiAir system replaces other manufacturer’s variable valve timing systems and allows your Fiat engine to increase power, fuel economy and reduce emissions thanks to this award-winning technology.
  • Abarth?  Although still really an exotic here in the USA the Abarth edition is gaining ground as a cult-favorite.  Turbo-charged and beefed-up throughout / we love to see these little rockets and will take good care of yours!
  • Hard starting / no start condition?  Unfortunately your Fiat’s engine is a sensitive system that requires master-level technicians to diagnose correctly.  Don’t waste time with lesser services as they will always cost you more in the long-run.
  • Check engine light on?  We have the factory diagnostic system along with other state-of-the-art engine diagnostic tools.
  • Electrical issue?  Our technicians are skilled at finding needle-in-the-haystack electrical problems.
  • Oxygen sensors?  Air-Fuel ratio sensors?   MAF sensors?  All services we provide for your Fiat.
  • Brakes, squeaks, clunks, and creaks:   You don’t need a new car you need our undercarriage, brake and suspension experts to find your Fiat’s annoying noises and restore it to like-new handling.  Be aware that rear shocks are a common weak-spot on your Fiat – we’ll be sure to check them.
  • Overheating?  We will find the problem fast.  Fiat recommended engine antifreeze in stock!
  • Air conditioning?  Nothing beats modern air-conditioning and your Fiat’s system is simple but effective.  If you are experiencing less-than-cold air conditioning performance come in and let us correct it.  Often a simple a/c service by one of our expert HVAC techs will get you nice and cool again.
And, of course, basic Fiat maintenance including 6000 mile services, service reminder reset service always including our exclusive Integrity Inspections!