BMW V8 Leaking Coolant?

Here’s a huge advantage to working with the aftermarket – our friends at All German Auto have come up with an excellent way to save tonnes and tonnes of work on coolant leak repairs on the new BMW Valvetronic V8 engines.  Including:

- 2002-2005 BMW 745i & il
- 2004-2006 BMW X5 4.4i/4.8is
- 2004-2005 BMW 545i
- 2004-2005 BMW 645ci
- 2002-2005 Range Rover.

Here’s a link with more info on the fix:

This is actually very very similar to the problem with Porsche’s V8 (in the Cayenne and Panamera) and the same solution – a collapsible pipe for the repair.  This saves extensive labor in engine disassembly.  We’ve tried it; it works great!

If you’ve got one of these needing this repair let us know.  We can also do factory level software updates and diagnostics for your BMW too!