Chevrolet Aveo / Daewoo Timing Belt

Here is a deceptively simple timing belt job.  This engine, built by Daewoo, is found in the 2002-present Chevrolet Aveo.  The timing belt has a notorious reputation of failing early and we strongly recommend you replace yours before you get to 50,000 miles.  This engine design is an interference engine which means that if the belt breaks or slips it will cause (expensive) internal engine damage.

Generally this is a simple procedure:  disassemble the front of the engine, remove the engine mount, and roll the engine to get to Top-dead-center on cylinder #1 on the compression stroke.  The cam pullies have marks that will point towards each other when in the correct position – see picture:

Chevrolet Aveo Timing Belt Installed

Also note the marks on the timing belt – it is our shop’s practice to mark old timing belts before removal and then to transfer these marks to the new belt.  They serve as a back-up system for ensuring that the new belt is on correctly.  (NOTE:  You have to be very careful to be sure the marks are copied correctly from old belt to new / count belt teeth twice!)

The belt tensioning is the tricky part of this service.  The waterpump (the toothed pulley with the special tool on it in the pict above) is used to load and unload the tensioner.

The pulley above the waterpump and below the intake camshaft is the actual spring loaded tensioner – see picture below:

Aveo Timing Belt Tensioner

To properly tension the belt (with engine in top-dead-center #1) loosen the waterpump and turn it (using special tool) until the tensioner pointer is pointing to position 1 in above picture – then tighten down the waterpump.  Next roll the engine through two full rotations to get back to top-dead-center #1, loosen the waterpump and reduce the timing belt tension until the tensioner’s pointer is pointing to Position 2 in the above picture.  Re-tighten the waterpump and roll the engine a few times and verify that all of your timing still lines up.  If so ensure everything it torqued down properly, reassemble the engine, and enjoy it for another 50,000 miles!

The special tool – shown below – is almost necessary for this procedure:

Aveo Timing Belt Tool

You *can* get away with using a 41mm crow’s foot and a short extension but it’s tricky.  The important thing is to be sure the belt is tensioned properly before starting the engine.  Remember:  if the the belt is too loose it can skip and cause internal engine damage.

We bought our tool here:

Sealey VS090 Daewoo Water Pump/Timing Belt Tool

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