Audi Vehicle Service, Maintenance and Repairs offered by Integrity First Automotive

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  • Factory-Level Diagnostics up to year 2010 / we are the only independent shop in West Jordan with this capability.
  • Transmission service – Audi special transmission fluid and approved fill procedure
  • Audi special engine coolant G11 & G12 antifreeze
  • Ignition tune-up
  • Torque converter replacement
  • Bosch CIS, CIS-E, CIS Lamda, Jetronic, K-Jetronic fuel system specialist
  • Basic Engine Adjustments:  Valve Adjustments, Ignition Points, Air-Fuel Ratio, Timing, etc
  • Quattro all wheel drive systems
  • 1.8T, 2.0T engine work
  • 2.8, 2.7T timing belt services
  • Dual mass flywheel
  • 5-cylinder engine specialists

Audi service in Salt Lake City

Audi service in Salt Lake City


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