Acura Service in Salt Lake City

A “tune-up” is a generic term for looking at the operation and overall performance of your vehicle and assessing which repairs should be made. Usually, folks come into Integrity First Automotive (ahref = home) looking for a tune-up because they’re experiencing a foul smell, a weird noise or an uncomfortable change in drive-feel. Alternatively, you may be following your factory scheduled maintenance and repairs program in Salt Lake City. Whatever the case is, communicating your concerns to our personnel prior to the repair is extremely important. This way Integrity First Automotive can prevent needless labor and constantly satisfy or rise above your expectations.

Factory scheduled maintenance Acura Salt Lake City, UT

We may encourage an oil change, fluid top-off and/or wheel rotation at the time of service. Of course we don’t take on any work without having expressly detailed it for you first. If your budget is a major concern, we will not push additional top-quality services. We’ll likewise keep you well informed when approaching maintenance particular to your vehicle’s unique make, model and year. We may ask questions relating to your driving style, to identify which program we ought to abide by.

Honda inspection service Salt Lake City, UT

Honda suggests maintaining your automobile every 8,000 miles in accordance with your Acura care plan. Integrity First Automotive is a certified Honda repair center using the equipment and tools, experienced crew and experts, ready to keep the integrity of your Acura. Seek the advice of your Honda Scheduled Maintenance guide guide available on the internet to ascertain if it’s time for your upcoming scheduled maintenance.

Toyota service Salt Lake City, UT

We are the ONLY independent shop in Salt Lake City with the dealer/factory level computer diagnostic system for Toyota!


  • Toyota TIS(factory repair information) available for all years and models
  • VVT-I diagnostics and repairs
  • Transmission services with Toyota Type T-IV, D-II and Type WS fluid
  • Air Fuel ratio sensors
  • Toyota long-life coolant
  • MR2 sequential manual transmission
  • MR2 Spyder Specialists


Mazda service in Salt Lake City, UT

We are the ONLY independent shop in Salt Lake City with the dealer/factory level computer diagnostic system for Mazda!


  • Module coding and Computer Software Updates
  • Oil change – Full-Synthetic and other lubricants available long-life coolant
  • Valve Lash adjustment
  • Suspension Upgrades
  • Wheel Bearings
  • Timing Belt Service
  • Air Conditioning repairs

Integrity First Automotive is in no way affiliated with or authorized by Honda / Acura.